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We at Safe Site Child Development, Inc. strive to provide a quality caring and safe environment for children to learn and grow.  We encourage each child to achieve their own physical, emotional, social, and individual desires.

We aim to develop and educate the whole child.  Committing to be a resource for the development of every family that passes through our doors; we provide a setting that demonstrates love and encourages each child to grow and develop positive self-esteem.  We encourage the child to explore, dream, take chances, make mistakes and experience success.

Here at Safe Site Child Development Inc., we unveiled the Parent Watch Child Viewing System.  This is a revolutionary video streaming system that provides parents a secure way to watch their children learn and grow at our center through an Internet-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone.  We are the only center in New Mexico to offer parents this ability.  Please call for details, or click here for more info!

Welcome to Safe Site Child Development Inc.!  If you have any questions or need to enroll a child, Please call us at  (505) 565-8023.

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