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Here at Safe Site Child Development, Inc. we strongly believe using technology can enhance all aspects of technology in order to enhance the experience and safety of all children at the center.

While our center is known for applying many technologies, including biometrics (fingerprint identification) and a sophisticated secure computer network, our shining example of technology is the Parent Watch surveillance system.

This system not only provides an additional layer of security to the system, it also adds transparency and allows children to be connected with their parents in a unique way.

The Parent Watch system allows parents to view their child in real time from anywhere they are connected to the Internet, whether it be from a computer, tablet or smart phone, and whether it be from home, work, or the other side of the planet.

Our Parent Watch system is unique to our center and has drawn much attention as it allows parents who are in active military service or otherwise unable to connect with their child a real way to get involved with their child’s learning and growth.


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